What is Sales Territory Mapping Software?

Sales Territory Mapping Software and Benefits

Peggy_Marco / Pixabay

Sales territory mapping software is a terrific type of software to help improve your business in sales. Sales territory, by definition, is the extent in which your sales team can thrive and be able to function and sell the products you own. Mapping software, therefore, is a great way to check on said sales and expand the sales you can make.

Sales territory mapping software is a great way to increase sales. According to Jeff Smith, senior sales associate at GeoMetrx.com,  examining factors such as travel-time, workload, and drawing a map in order to outline the best possible ways to attain more sales, the software can deliver to your expectations and help you plan the best ways to go about growing your company profit. It increases the number of territories that can be reached without restricting or stifling productivity.

Sales territory mapping software is software that is used to map out different areas and parts of a country, down to a local county if needed. For example, if you need an efficient system in order to productively map out territory across the widely diverse lands of the United States, simply inputting data, clicking a few buttons, and hitting submit of some type will bring up a map of all the sales territories and the best, most efficient ways to go about dealing with them and revealing the best areas of coverage for your independent representatives or sales people. This saves time and money in the long and short run.

It is through this unique system that you can devise quick routes to certain sales locations, thereby reducing drive time for sales people, thereby also creating more efficient reps. A sales increase of up to 40% or more can be seen across many companies who utilize sales territory mapping software, and rather than resorting to using a map, many of them utilize the option to do every bit of work they do online. It’s an easy way to map territories, in short.

Mapping software can be managed at five levels. Those are the national, division, region, district, and representative territories. With each individual level being catered to, you can then designate a certain workload to each individual rep based on how much work they can take and do. Utilizing your proprietary company data, mapping software can give a brief overview of the best possible amount of work and how to spread it out across your regions of sales and interests. It is easy to simply click through a few steps and get right to it.

In short, sales territory mapping software is a wonderful tool for companies to utilize. It provides adjustments and ways to design your business reps’ sales routes and utilizing the tool is valuable to your time and profit. Design certain areas to give your most productive reps more work, or design time to give your least productive reps less assignments. Either way, you are now able to easily map out your sales territories.