How to Choose the Right Logo for Your Brand

designing a great logo for your brand

designing a great logo for your brandLogos are more than merely a trademark to indicate that a product is yours or something to use in advertising. They’re also the face of your business and the first impression that most potential customers have of your company. Choosing the right logo for your business depends on many factors, but you can find or design a great logo by keeping these key aspects in mind.

Solidify a Budget for Your Logo

Before the design process even begins, you have to make a concrete budget. Professional logos can cost quite a bit of money, especially if the logo is particularly complex. You can find a freelancer to design your logo for less than $50, but the vast pool of freelancers is varied. Some can be incredibly professional while others will simply throw something together. However, you can also spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a full logo package with branding, customization and more. Small businesses will likely want to find a professional and high-quality company and set your budget between $1,000 and $10,000. Particularly small businesses may do very well with a freelancer as long as you do plenty of research on them, analyze their portfolio thoroughly and they act as professionally as possible.

Choosing a Logo Designer

It’s a good idea to get suggestions on where to find good logo designers from fellow company owners, but you can also do a lot of sleuthing on the Internet. A good logo designer will be focused on what the aim, style and message is of your business, will be knowledgeable on design and logo software, will be able to walk you through the design process fully and clearly, will have a contract written up and signed before the process starts and will offer at least a few revision opportunities in case you don’t like the initial design.

Making a Design Concept

You will be working with your designer on the smaller details of the logo, but you should have the bigger picture ironed out before finding a designer. You should know what colors you want, what words, if any, should be included, what pictures you have in mind and the type of design you want.

There are three types of logo design. The first is a word-oriented style called lettermark, which is great for businesses with long names that can easily be turned into acronyms or very short names around or less than five letters long. The second is a purely image-oriented style called brandmark, which is great for companies who want more widespread recognition across the globe. The final type is iconic, which merges brandmark and lettermark styles together. Small businesses will find either lettermark or iconic types most beneficial as they cater to a local or national market and create branding without worrying about international influences.

This article contributed courtesy of The Marketing Machine, a creative branding and marketing agency located in Raleigh, NC