Logo Design

Customers formulate opinions about businesses in the first 5-10 seconds. It’s much harder to change that opinion after the fact. What opinion are you giving your customers through your logo? Put the best opinion out there by calling us first! Double-click on one of the thumbnails below to learn more about each example.


Child Rescue Network

This logo was developed to help promote an annual event to raise funds for this worthy organization that helps missed and victimized children. This was used in all the sponsorship and marketing materials, outdoor advertising and other printed materials used to promote this event.

Patti Mutehart Real Estate

There are so many realtors in the greater Central Florida area. It is easy to get lost in their masses. Patti Mutehart wanted a differentiated look in the eye of her customers. She wanted an upscale, clean look that reflected her personal style. We provided an elegant approach that she is quite pleased with.


National Networking Association

The National Networking Association is a membership-based business networking group centered around Metro Orlando Area. We were selected to develop a logo that was clean, conveyed business card passing, and could be used in a variety of media, both print and digital.


Mindlinks Golf

Control your mind and the body will follow! MindLinks is a performance enhancing company that helps you reach your potential you want through hypnosis. This client wanted a logo that representative of the golf industry and conveys a fun and approachable feel to the company.

My Etiquette I.Q.

We were pleased to be selected for the design firm this company that teaches business etiquette to individuals, companies, and dignitaries. We chose an elegant theme to reflect the sophistication and elegance of the customer.